Elections Announcement

With more than 400 members voting, the election results are as follows:


Andrew Crooks

Vice President of Elementary Teachers

Martha Baumgarten

Vice President of High Schools

Jewells McMahon

Casas Building Representative

Robin Vester

Cisneros Building Representative

Erica Stewart

Clemente Building Representative

Fuentes Building Representative

Heather Ougormad

Elly Oldendorf

Garcia Building Representative

Elise Kuchenbecker

Marquez Building Representative

Joanna McConnell

Paz Building Representative

Sarah Jones

Santiago Building Representative

Amanda Haas

Soccer Elementary Building Representative

Michelle Horowitz

Soccer High Building Representative

Laura Daill

Tamayo Building Representative

Bethany Rouke

Torres Building Representative

Derick Loafmann

Zizumbo Building Representative

Megan Byrnes

SPED Apprentice Representative

Daniria Dukes

High School Counselor Representative

Molly Walsh

 Thank you to everyone who participated this year. If you are still interested in working with the union on behalf of our members please attend our next board meeting as there are still several openings including Vice President of PSRPs, Secretary/Treasurer, three building representatives and three PSRP representative positions. 

The following percentages were recorded in contested races:

President: Andy at 66%; VP of Elementary and High Schools was 100%; Marquez Building Rep: Jen McConnel won with 66%; Paz Building Rep: Sarah Jones with 53%; Tamayo Building Rep: Bethany Rouke with 86%. 

We Have Ratified A New Contract!

     On Thursday, November 17, 2016 the UEU conducted our network-wide vote to ratify our next collective bargaining agreement. We can now report that 85% of members voted to ratify this contract. With the exceptions listed in the side letter, we are now set to implement this agreement in its entirety beginning January 9th, 2017

     The officers of your Union would like to extend a big thank you for all of your unwavering dedication and continued support throughout this process. Now that we have a ratified contract, we can begin to uphold it with fidelity and enjoy the hard won benefits.  

Teachers, support workers reach tentative agreement with UNO charter school network, averting first strike of charter operator in U.S. history

CHICAGO: One of Chicago’s largest charter school operators narrowly averted what would have been the first strike of a charter school operator in the nation. Bargaining team members from UEU -- United Educators of UNO -- came to a tentative agreement with the UNO Charter School Network -- at just after 3AM Wednesday -- three hours after the strike deadline. The union and management will meet again Thursday to work out some minor details, and the tentative agreement will then go to the full membership for approval.

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Tonight: Press update on negotiations between UEU and UNO charter school operator

TODAY: 9:00PM, Tuesday, October 18

UCSN Esmeralda Santiago Elementary School, 2510 W. Cortez St. UEU members will be bargaining at Santiago with management up until our strike deadline at midnight tonight.

IF UEU strikesteachers and support staff will hold a press availability at 4AM at the headquarters of Chicago ACTS, 1400 W. Hubbard, Chicago.

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Teachers, support staff enter final days of negotiating as UNO charter school network strike looms

Workers don’t want to strike -- but will if they must to protect caps on classroom size, avoid cuts in pay and benefits and ensure protections for quality of education in classrooms.

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October 15th Response to UCSN Email

      How low will UCSN management go to degrade and intimidate the members of our union? The October 15th e-mail gives us an indication – by suggesting that the UEU refuses to negotiate in good faith, and by directing you away from the important issues that prevent us from achieving a fair contract with the terms that you have asked for.  

         We are fighting to protect our schools, our students, and our working conditions. UCSN’s concerns are their downtown headquarters and huge administrative salaries.  Thursday, UCSN finally acknowledged that they would acquire the titles of several of our school buildings, saving them approximately $1.5 million annually in rent, but they still expect staff to take a pay cut. UCSN can afford to give us a fair contract; and it’s time for them to do it.

UCSN likes implying that your representatives delay negotiations and lack a sense of urgency.   But:

  • UCSN has consistently failed to deliver on counter proposals, despite written assurances they will be able to,

  • UCSN delayed negotiations for nearly 3 months, including 6 weeks without their CFO at the negotiating table

  • UCSN repeatedly fails to provide relevant financial information despite numerous and continuous requests from UEU;

  • And UCSN refuses to discuss the impact of eliminating GSA’s, OSFA’s, and Technology Teachers.

UCSN’s current contract proposal is inadequate

We acknowledge that UCSN has agreed to, or made positive movement on, many of the proposals you have asked for. But wecannot agree to their demands that:

  • Staff pay 3-4% more of your salary to maintain the same pension and 401k plan

  • non-instructional staff be paid LESS under this contract than they received under the prior contract

  • UCSN be allowed to REOPEN the contract next year to seek greater cuts in teacher and non-teacher pay, even thoughUEU has already found a way to render this unnecessary.

Nobody runs the UEU except UEU

Every message from UCSN management tries to portray your union as puppets of outside forces.  You know from your building representative, your contract action teams, and from all the work we have done that the UEU is run by its members and not by any other entity. Moreover, charter and CPS teachers are allies, as we both face the same problems with bureaucracy, underfunded schools, class sizes, and working conditions  Anyone saying  otherwise wants you to question the efforts and motives of your elected Bargaining Team and Officers of your union. 

You have told us what you want in a labor contract, and if we all stand united, WE WILL WIN!


Top UNO Charter School Network management takes paid day off to avoid teachers, parents and students as strike date nears.

UNO Charter School Network strike would be first in nation against charter school schools or charter system.

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UNO teachers, staff to picket downtown offices as prospect for nation's first charter school strike grows

Thursday, 10/13, 1PM: UNO teachers, support staff could walk out as early as October 19 in what would be first strike against charter schools or charter networks in U.S. history.

Press Conference/Picket to protect charter school classrooms and support a fair contract

  • 1:30PM, Thursday, October 13th (Picket starts at 1PM/press conference 1:30PM). UNO Charter School Network downtown headquarters, 209 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago

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Response to October 10 UCSN Letter

UCSN has proposed a compensation package that ensures that no UEU member suffers a salary reduction:

                    The fiscal situation that Mr. Rodriguez refers to has not been verified completely because UCSN has can not provide the financial records necessary to confirm this situation.  UEU is willing to accept UCSN's adjusted pay schedule.  This saves UCSN $550,000 a year and could protect the current pension and 401k pickup, however, UCSN would still like you to pay 3% more.

 UCSN has currently proposed non-instructional staff receive a 1% salary increase which will result in a pay cut for the next 2 years in combination with cuts to pension and no cost of living increase.

       UCSN claims to have paid UNO a $7.8 million management fee in fiscal year 2015 (school year 2014-15). However, CFO Michael Bradley puts the actual amount of this fee below $6 million for 2014-2015. 

UCSN proposed language that would allow for the parties to reconvene...should school funding be reduced...

               A re-opener allows UCSN to go back to the bargaining table at any point, in the next two years, to negotiate additional cuts in teacher salaries, something made unnecessary by UEU's adoption of the adjusted pay schedule.

        UEU is working diligently to protect the students from being negatively affected by UCSN proposals and keeping quality educators in our classrooms. We are asking that UCSN put their money into their schools instead of expensive overheard and running a corporation. We are not a business and our students are not our customers.

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UNO teachers, support staff vote overwhelmingly to strike

UNO teachers, support staff could walk out as early as October 19 in what would be first strike against charter schools or charter networks in U.S. history.

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