Parents and UEU members at the UCSN Board Meeting September 14, 2016

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    Elections Announcement

    With more than 400 members voting, the election results are as follows: President Andrew Crooks Vice President of Elementary Teachers Martha Baumgarten Vice President of High Schools Jewells McMahon Casas Building Representative Robin Vester Cisneros Building Representative Erica Stewart Clemente Building Representative Fuentes Building Representative Heather Ougormad Elly Oldendorf Garcia Building Representative Elise Kuchenbecker Marquez Building Representative Joanna McConnell Paz Building Representative Sarah Jones Santiago Building Representative Amanda Haas Soccer Elementary Building Representative Michelle Horowitz Soccer High Building Representative Laura Daill Tamayo Building Representative Bethany Rouke Torres Building Representative Derick Loafmann Zizumbo Building Representative Megan Byrnes SPED Apprentice Representative Daniria Dukes High School Counselor Representative Molly Walsh  Thank you to everyone who participated this year. If you are still interested in working with the union on behalf of our members please attend our next board meeting as there are still several openings including Vice President of PSRPs, Secretary/Treasurer, three building representatives and three PSRP representative positions.  The following percentages were recorded in contested races: President: Andy at 66%; VP of Elementary and High Schools was 100%; Marquez Building Rep: Jen McConnel won with 66%; Paz Building Rep: Sarah Jones with 53%; Tamayo Building Rep: Bethany Rouke with 86%. 
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    We Have Ratified A New Contract!

         On Thursday, November 17, 2016 the UEU conducted our network-wide vote to ratify our next collective bargaining agreement. We can now report that 85% of members voted to ratify this contract. With the exceptions listed in the side letter, we are now set to implement this agreement in its entirety beginning January 9th, 2017.       The officers of your Union would like to extend a big thank you for all of your unwavering dedication and continued support throughout this process. Now that we have a ratified contract, we can begin to uphold it with fidelity and enjoy the hard won benefits.  
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