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    Fight To Keep Blue Cross Blue Shield

    UEU Brothers and Sisters,

    As you know, we are fighting to keep Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance. Acero's recent email and survey leads us to be concerned that they are moving toward recommending a switch to United Healthcare - FAVORING THEIR BOTTOM LINE OVER OUR HEALTH! In an effort to express to the Acero Board just how important it is to keep our current health insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield, we are encouraging members to send emails to the members of the Acero board. 

    We have created the following letter template to help you get started, edit for yourself as you see fit or write your own.  Below is a list of emails of the Board members emails.
    a. Main Board email: aceroboard@aceroschools.org 
    b. Janet Sisler - jsisler@luc.edu
    c. Douglass Hewitt - dhewitt@reedsmith.com
    d. Hardik Bhatt - his Twitter handle is @hvbhatt
    e. Roxanne Matias - is on LinkedIn, she is an Associate Broker at Farmers Insurance
    f.  Simon Yohanan - no known contact information
    g. Margery Yeager - no known contact information
    h. Yeni Rojas - no known contact information


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