UCSN's Got Talent 2015

UCSN's Got TalentUSCN’s network-wide talent show was held April 23rd at UCSN Rufino Tamayo Elementary School. After a resounding Pledge of Allegiance by a Tamayo kindergartener, the packed gymnasium was treated to 24 competitive performances and a couple superlative songs from Mr. Jose Ozuna and his Mariachi de Soccer Academy. Student performances were universally excellent, kicking off with a band from Casas performing Rolling in the Deep, a pint-sized five year old magician, classical and modern singers, break and dub stepping dancers, a rapper, and instrumentalists on piano, guitar, and violin. 

Students ranged from Kindergarten through 11th grade and every single performance brought genuine cheers and applause from the crowd; one performer even drove on stage in a powerwheel before breaking into a modern dance to Uptown Funk. The program concluded with Soccer Academy’s 30-member mariachi band performing Siempre Hace Frio and El Rey to the crowd’s obvious delight. By the time the final note fell, audience members were singing along, cheering, whistling, and dancing in the aisles.  Prizes were awarded for 1st-5th place with an 8th grade dancer from Torres taking home the top prize for a modern ballet-inspired interpretive dance to Glory. Impressive for her fluidity and control, she develop all of her own choreography and delivered a flawless performance.

Not only does the talent show give students the chance to perform for their families and friends, but it gives all UCSN students, families, and teachers a chance to marvel at the unbelievable talent our students possess. Highly recommended, can’t wait for next year!

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