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Andy Crooks


     Andy Crooks is a Special Education Apprentice at ACERO Cruz.  He's been with the network for 2 1/2 years and involved with UEU almost that entire time.  Initially he got involved to help advocate for PSRPs generally, and Apprentices specifically.  He is driven by a desire to improve our schools by empowering all of our members inside their respective schools, as well as,  by encouraging active union involvement. He's happy to hear from members and work together to overcome the challenges we face.

His email is ueupresident@gmail.com 

VP of Elementary

Martha Baumgarten


    Martha is in her 5th year of teacher 5th grade at ACERO Fuentes. She loves seeing the "light bulb moment" when students grasp a new concept and is constantly astounded by how much she learns from her students (way more than she teaches them). Martha is always working to make sure her classroom is learner focused and learner led. Martha was a CTU member during the 2012 CPS strike and saw the amazing ways unions can empower teachers on the picket line. After that experience, she became passionate about union work. After a few years at UNO, she stepped into a building representative position and has never looked back! Union work is a way for her to impact positive change in what can be an overwhelming educational and political landscape and a delightful way to connect with other professionals outside of her building. 

 VP of High Schools


This is an open position, if you are interested in getting involved in this exciting opportunity to serve our union please contact Andy Crooks at ueupresident@gmail.com


Daniria Dukes



Daniria Dukes is a Special Education Apprentice at Daniel Zizumbo campus. She has been with the network since 2011. Her love of Education and teaching began back in 2002 while serving as a summer intern with Chicago Public Schools. Since then, she has remained in the education field in some capacity. Daniria decided to get involved with the union because she felt that apprentices needed a bigger voice. Since she has always been one to express herself and fight for her beliefs and rights, it was only right to get involved with the union. Daniria ready to do all she can to make sure that our voices are heard. 




     This is an open position, if you are interested in serving your union and getting involved in this exciting opportunity please email Andy Crooks at ueupresident@gmail.com