UEU Joins SEIU Local 1 to Show Support of JAMs

JAMs Sticker

On April 23rd and 24th teachers from across the network joined together to show their support of UNO JAMs. Our coworkers, some of whom have been working in our schools for 10-15 years have been in negotiations with SEIU Local 1 to form a union, win fair wages and benefits, protect safe working conditions, and demand the respect of being treated as professionals. UEU members Rob Heise and Jorge Cisneros saw an opportunity to join forces with JAMs and reached out to SEIU Local 1 to develop an action demonstrating teacher support of the janitors.  On a tighttimeline, stickers were distributed and teachers, PSRPs, and even directors across the network sported I Support the Janitors stickers leading up to the big ratification vote on Saturday. The proposal did not pass, but the sticker action was an important demonstration of solidarity between two intricately linked professions.



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