UEU Contract Bargaining Update

Dear UEU Members: 

This blast will serve as the first of many updates regarding our contract campaign that will begin this March. Information on the following can be found below:

  • Bargaining Timeline
  • Contract Priorities
  • Getting Involved 

Bargaining Time

October ‘15 -- Bargaining Team Elections

November ‘15 through February ‘16 -- Bargaining Preparation and Membership Voices Survey

March ‘16 -- Negotiating Begins 

Contract Priorities

Our Bargaining Team has been hard at work since before the new year meeting and preparing to negotiate our second contract which will replace the current CBA going into the 2016-17 school year. We have combined our Membership Voices Survey responses with research conducted by the Bargaining Team to determine these priorities that we have broken down into the following Issue Categories: 

Calendar and Work Year:

  • 8 Hour Workday. Our High School brothers and sisters currently work a 9 hour day. We need to implement a standard 8 hour workday across all of our schools.
  • Protect Prep Time. We need to define the minimum amount of time constituting a prep and it needs to be honored at all of our schools.
  • Duty Free Lunch. Our members should have 5 duty free lunches each week.
  • Caseload size and class size.  Our members should have reasonable class sizes and caseloads.
  • Shorter School Year. Our members should have a voice in the structure and length of the calendar.

Discipline & Evaluation:

  • Fair Evaluations. Our Grad Support and Apprentice members deserve to know the job they are evaluated on.
  • Qualified Evaluators.  All members deserve evaluators who hold a state issued leadership certificate or are licensed educators.
  • We get a say.  Pre- and post- evaluation conferences.  Space for written rebuttals and an impartial 3rd party evaluation for contested evaluations.

Compensation, Leave, & Benefits:

  • Salary Schedule. Add additional lanes to the salary schedule to compensate and retain teachers and staff who continue their education.
  • Grad Support Advisors. GSA’s are currently paid hourly and they deserve to be salary employees like the rest of the membership. They deserve flexible vacation time as well rather than blackout times in the summer..
  • Pay our coaches. Our members should be compensated for coaching and leading clubs.
  • Supporting Teacher Parents. Our members deserve a maternity and paternity policy and protocol that fosters and encourages parenthood.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is to reach out to your building representative or bargaining team member.  Ask questions.  Join your school Contract Action Team (CAT)!  Sport articles of solidarity when needed to show our strength (e.g. wearing certain colors or wearing union buttons). 

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the bargaining team with questions, concerns, or ideas.  We look forward to tackling this contract campaign together!


In Solidarity,

The Bargaining Team

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