UEU Building Reps


Cisneros - Laura Bird

     Laura teaches 1st grade at Cisneros.  Laura is an original bargaining team member.  She says, "After seeing working conditions before we unionized, the union means a lot to me!" She is so happy to see all the positive changes to all our schools and hopes to see more positive changes in the future to help make Acero a great place to teach and learn because our kids deserve the best.


Fuentes - Elly Oldendorf

     Elly works at Fuentes as the bilingual specialist, where she teaches Kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders. After teaching in an anti-union state for a few years and feeling unsupported and voiceless, she has been empowered by our union. Elly loves working with our union to help co-workers find their own voice and empower them to fight for their rights and their students’ welfare. 


Garcia High School - Elisa Kuchenbecker


    Elise is the Choir Director at Garcia High School and is very excited to take on the Building Rep position for her staff. She supports a Union because of the quality of life and working conditions that the contract has continually supported and raised during her term at ACERO. 

     She also loves steak tacos and singing in her church choir a couple times a week! If looking for her, listen for someone singing about how adorable their dog is and you’ll be headed in the right direction!


Paz - Sarah Jones

Sarah_Jones.jpg      Sarah teaches 2nd Grade at Paz. She is proud to be part of a union that works tirelessly to create the best possible teaching and learning environments for our deserving students and dedicated staff. 


Brighton Park - Chris Forst



Casas - Robyn Vester






Cruz Elementary



Cruz High School - Erin Windham



Idar - Michelle Horwitz



IT Help Desk



Marquez - Joanna Wax Trost



Office Coordinators - Daisy Urenda



Santiago - Amanda Haas



Soto - Francisco Oliva



Tamayo - Bethany Rouke



Torres - Derick Loafmann



Zizumbo - Megan Byrnes


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