Response to October 10 UCSN Letter

UCSN has proposed a compensation package that ensures that no UEU member suffers a salary reduction:

                    The fiscal situation that Mr. Rodriguez refers to has not been verified completely because UCSN has can not provide the financial records necessary to confirm this situation.  UEU is willing to accept UCSN's adjusted pay schedule.  This saves UCSN $550,000 a year and could protect the current pension and 401k pickup, however, UCSN would still like you to pay 3% more.

 UCSN has currently proposed non-instructional staff receive a 1% salary increase which will result in a pay cut for the next 2 years in combination with cuts to pension and no cost of living increase.

       UCSN claims to have paid UNO a $7.8 million management fee in fiscal year 2015 (school year 2014-15). However, CFO Michael Bradley puts the actual amount of this fee below $6 million for 2014-2015. 

UCSN proposed language that would allow for the parties to reconvene...should school funding be reduced...

               A re-opener allows UCSN to go back to the bargaining table at any point, in the next two years, to negotiate additional cuts in teacher salaries, something made unnecessary by UEU's adoption of the adjusted pay schedule.

        UEU is working diligently to protect the students from being negatively affected by UCSN proposals and keeping quality educators in our classrooms. We are asking that UCSN put their money into their schools instead of expensive overheard and running a corporation. We are not a business and our students are not our customers.

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