Fuentes Field Trips

Sarah Harris, Ali Houselog and Building Rep Elly Oldendorf planned a field trip in April that took 6th graders downtown. They had a civics field trip, where they took the CTA blue line train, learned about pedestrian safety, attended a Cook County Board Meeting, met county officials, and walked around to landmarks throughout the Loop. Each 6th grader was a expert on a different place, and presented to their group members about that landmark’s history and importance. It was an amazing student-led field trip!

Fuentes_field_trip.jpg fuentes_field_trip_1.jpg
fuentes_field_trip_2.jpg fuentes_field_trip_3.jpg

Our wonderful Fuentes Art Teacher, Caitlin Hansen, took our 5th graders to the Art Institute the week of April 25th


Art_Institute_Fuentes.jpg Art_Institute_Fuentes_2.jpg

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