October 15th Response to UCSN Email

      How low will UCSN management go to degrade and intimidate the members of our union? The October 15th e-mail gives us an indication – by suggesting that the UEU refuses to negotiate in good faith, and by directing you away from the important issues that prevent us from achieving a fair contract with the terms that you have asked for.  

         We are fighting to protect our schools, our students, and our working conditions. UCSN’s concerns are their downtown headquarters and huge administrative salaries.  Thursday, UCSN finally acknowledged that they would acquire the titles of several of our school buildings, saving them approximately $1.5 million annually in rent, but they still expect staff to take a pay cut. UCSN can afford to give us a fair contract; and it’s time for them to do it.

UCSN likes implying that your representatives delay negotiations and lack a sense of urgency.   But:

  • UCSN has consistently failed to deliver on counter proposals, despite written assurances they will be able to,

  • UCSN delayed negotiations for nearly 3 months, including 6 weeks without their CFO at the negotiating table

  • UCSN repeatedly fails to provide relevant financial information despite numerous and continuous requests from UEU;

  • And UCSN refuses to discuss the impact of eliminating GSA’s, OSFA’s, and Technology Teachers.

UCSN’s current contract proposal is inadequate

We acknowledge that UCSN has agreed to, or made positive movement on, many of the proposals you have asked for. But wecannot agree to their demands that:

  • Staff pay 3-4% more of your salary to maintain the same pension and 401k plan

  • non-instructional staff be paid LESS under this contract than they received under the prior contract

  • UCSN be allowed to REOPEN the contract next year to seek greater cuts in teacher and non-teacher pay, even thoughUEU has already found a way to render this unnecessary.

Nobody runs the UEU except UEU

Every message from UCSN management tries to portray your union as puppets of outside forces.  You know from your building representative, your contract action teams, and from all the work we have done that the UEU is run by its members and not by any other entity. Moreover, charter and CPS teachers are allies, as we both face the same problems with bureaucracy, underfunded schools, class sizes, and working conditions  Anyone saying  otherwise wants you to question the efforts and motives of your elected Bargaining Team and Officers of your union. 

You have told us what you want in a labor contract, and if we all stand united, WE WILL WIN!


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