Wear Your Ribbons on Friday June 17!

UEU Members, 
We are in the final stages of bargaining, and we need you to show your support in the following two ways:

1.Each time you pass a fellow bargaining member in your school hallway, please pause & DAB to show solidarity: 

Inline image 1
2.Show your bargaining pride by wearing your blue ribbon THIS FRIDAY
Inline image 2
Important Details:
  • Ribbons will be handed out on Friday morning by a one of your CAT team members in your school. (Your CAT team will follow up with more details.) 
  • Please pin your ribbon on your shirt or blazer, or tie it in your hair!
  • This small act will go a long way to show our solidarity as the bargaining team negotiates Compensation and School Year & School Day this Saturday, June 18th
Blue Ribbons for Sustainable Schools!

 Created by,

Jewells McMahon

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