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Progressives are using a strategy informed by Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.  This strategy steals Tea Party organizing tactics and focuses on small, local groups taking direct actions to influence their representatives in Washington. Our organizing chair, Caroline Hackett joined her neighborhood Indivisible Group this past weekend and would like to invite you to find your neighborhood group at https://www.indivisiblechicago.com/.  
Currently there is an effort demanding Town Hall meetings to directly speak with the Illinois Senators and get answers.  To demand these, 

Call/fax Durbin and Duckworth to demand Town Hall meetings!
Tammy Duckworth Chicago office: 312-886-3506
Dick Durbin Chicago office:  312-353-4952

There are rallies every Tuesday outside of the Federal Building to Resist Trump at 3:30pm.  
UEU is working with UCSN, and other organizations, to create safe spaces for ALL members of our community to come together and learn their rights in the Trump administration. The first of these types of meetings will be held in the Marquez Art Room on February 23rd at 4pm.  If you would like to be a part of this conversation and collaboration e-mail Caroline Hackett.  If you are interested in bringing these types of meetings, or workshops, to your campus reach out to Caroline, your building rep, or your UEU leadership!
Please see below, informational flyers that instruct people on what to do if ICE comes to their door.  This is available in both Spanish and English. 
Let's make sure we all work together to protect our students and families!



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